Our Flipper Delta® superior high-holding power anchor with its easy handling and rapid penetration in different soil conditions is known worldwide. It is mainly used in the offshore and dredging-related industry. Manufactured from high-tensile steel and approved by all classifications, we are able to offer you the right Flipper Delta® anchor you need for your project. 

Together with Flipper Delta® anchors, we also supply a specially designed anchor rack.

Anchor rentals

When you have a project that needs anchors, for example, to be used for mooring or positioning, and if these anchors are only needed for a limited period of time, we fully understand it can be too expensive to buy them. In that case, we have a large stock of rental anchors available that can make your life a lot easier.

In principle, all types of anchors can be rented, but our Flipper Delta anchors are specifically designed for these kinds of projects. They are famous for their strength, excellent weight/holding power ratio and easy handling.

The anchors are available from 500 kgs up to and including 17,500 kgs and we can assist you with the technical information on how to use the anchors and which weight of anchor is needed to get the required holding power.

To make our service complete, transport of the anchors can also be arranged - mostly in dismantled condition, head and shank separated. Depending on the size of the anchors and their destination, transport of the anchors in a ‘ready to use state’ can be arranged or the anchors can be mounted on-site by our staff. Should you need more information, please get in touch with Roland Schlink at or give us a call!

Flipper Delta® anchor
Flipper Delta 17288

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