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The POOL® N anchor is a stockless high holding power anchor. This means you can reduce 25% of the weight that would normally be attributed to conventional anchors. We supply these anchors all over the world to (mega) yachts, whether they are hot dip galvanized or made of stainless steel. We produce these anchors especially for yachts which gives them an exquisite finish which looks fantastic and will help your yacht look even more stunning!

POOL® N anchors can come in fully balanced or standard models, but 95% of the time, a fully balanced one is supplied. Fully balanced means that the anchor flukes always return to their upright position, thereby ensuring that the anchor will not get stuck in the anchor pocket.

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Afbeelding Approved testing house 17504

17/5/2021Approved testing house

So proud!

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Afbeelding Wortelboer buys production and sales activities POOL® anchors from THR Marine 17504

4/11/2020Wortelboer buys production and sales activities POOL® anchors from THR Marine

As of 2 March 2020, we have purchased the business activities related to production and sale of POOL® anchors

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