Gerardus Johannes Wortelboer started selling high-quality nuts and bolts in the early fifties.

When Ruud Wortelboer joined the company, they broadened their horizon. Soon, the Wortelboer yard did not only stock nuts and bolts but also anchors and anchor chains of various weights.

We have proven to be a reliable partner and offer fast delivery of all weights and sizes of anchors and anchor chains of different diameters. Our sales team is available daily, enabling us to respond quickly to your (urgent) questions and assist with any technical queries.

We pride ourselves in our rapid response time and aim to transport your order as soon as possible, provided we have all information required.

Our quality assurance We always provide you with the highest quality of the products we provide, including the accompanying certificates.

Wortelboer represents:

  • High level of quality of goods;
  • Delivery of goods, including accompanying certificates
  • Fast response to your questions
  • Quick quotation process

Another service we offer is installing newly ordered Wortelboer anchors and chain cables on board your ship. We have a strong network in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, enabling us to help you at short notice. We are also available outside these areas. Jobs can be carried out at all times, including at night or the weekend. Our team is on standby 24/7 to assist quickly and efficiently.

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Afbeelding Approved testing house 17504

17/5/2021Approved testing house

So proud!

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Afbeelding Wortelboer buys production and sales activities POOL® anchors from THR Marine 17504

4/11/2020Wortelboer buys production and sales activities POOL® anchors from THR Marine

As of 2 March 2020, we have purchased the business activities related to production and sale of POOL® anchors

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