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About G.J. Wortelboer Jr. B.V.

A technical wholesaler, family business, 24/7 service company, which term best describes our company?

Actually all these terms apply to us. Since the 1950's we have gained wide knowledge and experience where anchors and chain cables are concerned and as a result, we have become a leading expert in this area.

Originally G.J. Wortelboer Jr. B.V. started up as a family company and still is nowadays, with Ruud Wortelboer and his daughter Ilse van der Pols - Wortelboer being the current board members.

Offering service 24/7 to our customers? Indeed we are especially aware that the shipping industry is not only active between 9 and 5 and because of this, we are always prepared to act quickly and be flexible as well as  solution-orientated. This is everything that we stand for!

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16/11/2021METS exhibition

Meet us at the METS exhibition this week.

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17/5/2021Approved testing house

so proud!

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